Reading of Khosrow (Khosro) Golesorkhi’s poem: Agar Yek Ba Yek Barabar Bood

Here is my reading of Khosrow Golesorkhi’s poem “Agar Yek Ba Yek Barabar Bood” which in translates to “If one was equal one” during last weekend’s Persian Performing Arts Show at the University of Texas at Austin. Sina Najmai played the Sitar. The text of this poem is posted at The Iranian.

Golesorkhi was famous for his leftist poetry and was convicted with his friend, Keramat Daneshian, a director, for plotting to kidnap the Shah of Iran‘s son. The military court was shown to the world because at the time of the trial the Shah was hosting the Conference for Human Rights in Tehran. The video is also posted below.

Golsorkhi’s execution was broadcast on state television. The court became a symbol of the Shah’s dictatorship and hypocrisy, due to its content most of the trial proceedings was censored. After the 1979 revolution the entire trial was shown on public television, but again it was censored after the fall of Mehdi Bazargan’s government. A few month ago Iran’s Channel 3 showed a censored version of Golesorkhi’s trial which is the same video posted below. Full Text of Golesorkhi’s speech can be viewed at Fars News and Noqte.

2 thoughts on “Reading of Khosrow (Khosro) Golesorkhi’s poem: Agar Yek Ba Yek Barabar Bood

  1. There are few who mark the road ahead with their eternal & classic charisma, keeping their memories alive for future generations is the least we owe them & ourselves!
    Does Anyone have any idea where Khosro Golesorkhi is buried ?
    I appreciate the information, please send it to ;

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