Scuba Diving with Bull Sharks of Playa Del Carmen

This is the rough cut of the bull shark video. The videos in this clip were shot in three different cameras, which should explain different resolution qualities you see here.

This was a one tank dive that is literally right out in front of the beach. We gear up in the boat as we slowly cruise over to the spot. After a full briefing as to the day’s current conditions and a reminder of the Do’s and Don’ts, we back roll into 70ft of water and head down to the site drifting with the gentle current. The bottom is flat, sandy, reefless, and gently sloping east towards the “el Cantil” (trench between Playa and Cozumel). We drift along a couple minutes then all of a sudden…We have Bulls everywhere!!! These bull sharks migrate into the area around the 1st of December and migrate away around the 1st of March. Some days you only see 5-6 and other day we see 15-20. This way we saw about 10-12. With 60-80 foot visibility, it’s very easy to get a nice, clear shot of them and they pass by as close as just inches away!

Bull Sharks are known to be one of the most dangerous and aggressive sharks in the water. But they haven’t attacked a scuba diver in this region. The bull sharks are a special species of shark that can actually swim in freshwater as well. The bulls of Playa are drawn here because of the freshwater cenotes that pump out into the sea along the coast. The exits for these cenotes are too small for a shark to pass though but the constant flow of freshwater leaving the cenote exits certainly draws them, as well as an abundant food supply of fish, into the area. Playa del Carmen is also known to have a rather large turtle population which is another food source for the bull sharks.

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